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मंगलवार, 10 अगस्त 2021

Girls of Kasturba Vidyalaya will also speak fluent English


Girls of Kasturba Vidyalaya will also speak fluent English

Varanasi. Along with Hindi, knowledge of English is also necessary in today's era. English is very important for interview in most of the companies. In such a situation, students studying in Hindi medium have to face a lot of trouble.
An initiative is being taken to impart English speaking training to the girl students studying in 746 Kasturba schools of the state. In this, the girl students of six Kasturba Gandhi Residential Girls Schools of the district will be included. To make the girl students proficient in English, the Department of Basic Education has entrusted this responsibility to the Anglo Language Teaching Institute (ELTI). District Basic Education Officer Rakesh Singh said that the government is in the process of preparing educational videos for the students of classes 6 to 8 based on their syllabus and keeping in mind the spoken English language. These videos will be uploaded to YouTube, Which the girls will listen to in the presence of their teachers and then practice speaking and writing according to the guidelines. He told that the British Council had provided training in English language to the children in the schools of some states. On the same lines, there is talk of training the girl students of Kasturba. Under this initiative, teachers will also be given online and offline training.

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